Alternative Innovations

 Quality Products for a Reasonable Price


Welcome to A.I. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find it enjoyable and easy to use. The owner & founder of Alternative Innovations ( A I ) started this company in February of 2003.


Born and raised in Pittsburgh he has seen the good times and the bad times in the region. He wanted to bring new products to the area that were tested and proven, as it is common for "The Burgh" to be behind for new ideas in the market. There is a good reason for this. The people here have seen many things come and go and don't want to be bothered by new fads or whims. But if you have a good product at a reasonable price that lasts and employs our people it will be a success.


The first product introduced was Dry-b-Lo Deck Drain Systems. A high quality, attractive ceiling, for underneath raised wooden decks. Homeowners are now able to expand and enjoy more outdoor living space and this system holds up in our weather year after year.


This led to our customers wanting the area enclosed so they can enjoy it all year because of the weather. By listening to our customers, and hours of product research and testing, we have enjoyed steady growth and have added many fine products.


We pride ourselves with honest no pressure sales, outstanding customer service and supplying quality products for a reasonable price. If you know of a new product that has been tested and proven, contact us as we are always interested to market them as long as they meet our criteria.