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Under Deck FAQ


Q: Can I buy the materials and install myself?   Top
A: No.
AI's ceilings are complex under deck drain systems that require special tools
and highly skilled technicians for installation.

Q: How is AI's Under Deck Ceilings different from others?   Top
A: Very attractive, high quality and long lasting.
Transferable Warranty including labor and material against leaks.
Designed to hold ice and snow loads.
If you pressure wash, stain or replace your decking it will not effect the look
or performance of your system.
You can easily enclose or screen in the area under your deck for added comfort.

Q: Can I hang ceiling fans or have overhead lighting?   Top
A: Yes
We will install fan or light supports between the ceiling and you deck joists,
run the wiring and attach an outlet box.

Q: Does it come in different colors?   Top
A: Yes The standard colors are Soft White and Sandstone. Pebblestone and custom colors are available.

Q: What is Galvalume®?   Top
A: The patented trade name by Bethleham Steel Company for the aluminum-zinc
alloy applied to sheet steel for corrosion resistance. More than 30 years after its
development, Galvalume® roofing panels are used everywhere. An estimated 40
billion square feet of Galvalume® sheet steel now covers buildings in all kinds
of climates and environments throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico,
as well as Europe, Asia and Australia.

Q: Why doesn’t AI use plastic, pvc or vinyl materials for the panels?   Top
A: There are many different types of plastic, pvc & vinyl materials developed
over the years. They are great products and have many different applications.
Characteristics like strength, expansion & contraction, transparency, melt point
& UV stability do not rate well for roof panels. Under Deck Drainage Systems
are simply a roof designed for underneath raised wooden decks. Galvalume® is
designed for roofing & has a proven track record.

Q: How much does it cost?   Top
A: Due to the variations in deck designs, size and construction, pricing is based
per square foot and on an individual basis. AI can provide a no obligation on-site
quote or provide you with a ballpark estimate by phone or email if you wish.